Retail outlets and Enquiries


Our Specialty Tea Ranges and Cosies are available for purchase at the retailers listed below;

Australian Choice - Canberra Centre - Canberra city.               
Telephone: 02 62575315 

Australian Pure Plantation Teas & Select Screen Print Cosies.

Hansel & Gretel - 40 Townshend St Phillip A.C.T   
Telephone: 02 62825009
Australian Pure Plantation Teas, Select range of ' teahouse label teas' .

and a large variety of our Unique tea cosies.

The Big Merino shop Goulburn N.S.W Telephone 02 48228013 

Australian Pure Plantation Tea Range and Cosy Cosies, our select pure wool vintage blanket range.

or for trade enquiries, we offer Cafe supplies - 'teahouse', specialty teas, a Combination range of Certified Organic and blended teas, Perfect for those who like something interesting and different to offer their customers for cafes. No minimum order, refill only as you need after purchase of our starter kit. Australian Pure Plantation Teas , For the more eco friendly customer, are premium Australian teas chemical and pesticide free, sourced direct from the grower.'Table Service' start up kits are available for both tea ranges@ $85.00.

Email  questions to

...or feel free to call and discuss your requirements Julie Lasarevic

0421 200 456.  We're here to help.